Plant Spirit Healing

plants-1Plant Spirit Healing is a deep healing modality that has been used across the globe for thousands of years. It is alive today throughout the world among indigenous people. Modern man is rediscovering this world of plants that brings healing not only to our physical body but also to our spirits. Ancient healing believes all disease comes from an injury to spirit. Therefore to truly heal we must address healing of the spirit as well as the physical. Plant Spirit Healing is about communicating with the spirit of plants, and enlisting plant spirits to heal. Exceptionally elegant healing can occur if we embrace working with the invisibles and rejecting the merely mechanical reductionist medicine of modern science. Both patient and practitioner are deeply connected to the plants that are called upon from the “realm of nature” for healing. Our ancestors lived their lives in this “realm of nature” an existence in which there is no illusion of separation from nature.

A fascination with what is called shamanism is occurring in the Western world and seems to be a response to our malnourished spirits that long for a connection with the greater web of life and the meaning that comes from that connection. Plants are highly intelligent beings. Plants are not confined to affecting only our physical body. Plants respond to human emotions, thoughts, intentions and prayer. Plants can be communicated with and enlisted to help in nighttime dreams, daydreaming, dream journeying (to shamanic drumming). All of these practices can be learn with practice. Building relationships with plants is done like any relationship, spending time with, listening to, observing, touching, smelling, tasting, enjoying, gifting and loving. Tobacco is the universal gift that all plants cherish in the Western hemisphere.

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